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Sallys Artistry - Making Memories To TreasureNZ - hunting, fishing and farming inspired prints and pet portrait commissions

Growing up on the Rangitaiki Plains in the sunny Bay of Plenty I was born and raised in the rural area of Thornton. Having never done any official training, apart from what my lovely art teachers taught me in High School, I am on the most part self taught.

I am a mother of three and along with my husband we live on a lifestyle block rurally out of Whakatane on the outskirts of Te Ureweras with our small collection of animals. I have a passion for hunting, fishing, farming and I have finally decided to turn my passion for drawing into more.

Taking inspiration from my adventures in the outdoors I enjoy creating fine art works, prints and originals mainly of hunting, fishing and NZ wildlife, when I am not working on commissioned pet portraits. 

Some of you may have seen my designs come up on Little Fallow, I have teamed up with fellow hunting mum Stacey Maaka to turn my art works into more, we have a range of homewares and baby goods featuring these designs.

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