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Juggling Life is an art form in itself

Nailing the work life balance is tricky, I thought once I gave up full time work I'd have so much time to draw and I'd be so super productive.

Boy was I wrong! I found myself struggling without a clear routine once left to my own devices. So to dive in this year has been a big challenge and adjustment, not to mention I'm throwing a new pepi in the mix come October!

My part time job (something has to keep money coming in regularly, ha!) cleaning the local school keeps me getting up bright and early each day. I am an early bird and prefer to clean before school starts, so I find that a great way to start the day, however can be trying some mornings, especially as pregnancy progresses.

Then the rest of my day is split between my children, who are thankfully at school, the many animals on the farm, keeping the house and keeping up with clients portraits, new designs and Little Fallow work.

Have I found this balance yet? No ha! but I have learnt to have a rough routine for the day and make lists of what NEEDS to be done to help me keep on task. Otherwise I spend all day flitting from one job to the next, not getting anything finished!

Making a little time each afternoon to spend with the kids is still super important, as its so easy to get caught up focused on getting a project finished.

Its all a juggle!

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