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What Inspires Me

All my prints are originally hand drawn or painted, inspired by my adventures and love of the NZ outdoors, I'm just a small time artist sharing the NZ life in art.

I'm no expert in any of these areas, but I love getting out and giving it a go! I'm not afraid to get out and get my hands dirty. From hunting the Kaimanawas in search of Sika, chasing pigs with the dogs over farmland, to trawling for trout and suffering seasickness for a snapper I also get stuck in on our lifestyle block calf rearing and raising lambs, milking our house cow (when she's not rearing us calves) and drenching the stock.

I enjoy getting out and getting stuck in.

I try to capture a little bit of the NZ outdoors as I see it, in my art work, either mixing medias like coloured pencils and pigment liner backgrounds, or the more traditional oil paintings. I like to put a wee twist on things to keep them unique.

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